lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008

Escena social quebrada presenta Kevin Drew!

Yo (L) a la Escena Social Quebrada

I'm in respect to suggest that we're through

[You don't know I could live without you if you do]

But tell me that the temperature's rising in your head

**Tell me that love is not to be this way**

sigue la rola uuuuu y así y volvemos:

**Rolling on the side with the moon in my hand**

Trying to be a stereotype with a friend

[But my love is gone and my god is low]

+That's why I'm doing all the things that you don't know+

Don't you expect to make a phone call tonight

¡¡¡¡Treat me like a motherfucker who was right!!!!

Ooh, I know we're gonna need a lucky one

2 comentarios:

Niña Monstruo dijo...

dude, voy a bajar tantos discos que necesitaré otro disco duro. :D

Niña Monstruo dijo...

y me haré tan indie que ni siquiera será gracioso!


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